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Pressemitteilung vom 15/10/2010


FERROSIDER WHEELS S.A., RB Group company, after seven years of steady growth

in personal, investment and technology, managed to achieve the status of a premium

producer for the global car lndustry, going to lead the steel wheels market for the

automotive industry in Argentina. Strategically redefine it's core business RB Group

now decided to leave the steel wheel business and to strengthen it's position in the

alloy wheels market for OE-industry.

Therefore RB Group has sold and transferred its shares to mefro wheels Group, the
European market leader in manufacturing automotive steel wheels, with German origin.
mefro wheels Group arrived in Argentina with important projects of increasing the
productive capacity and to transfer its excellent know-how of steel wheel design and
productions to supply the growing market of Argentina and Mercosur with customer
orientated solutions at highest level of quality and reliability.

RB group, in the wheels category, is going to increase their investments in major
expansion of productive capacity and technology that is taking place in POLIMETAL
San Luis plant, dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of AJuminum alloy wheels for
the Automotive Industry, a market that POLIMETAL SA has been leading for several

FERROSIDER WHEELS S.A. appreciates the support, cooperation and trust received
from all its customers, suppliers, banks, newspapers and the general public with the
fullest reliability that these ties will increase under the new strong network of

mefro wheels Group.


mefro wheels GmbH